Who We Are

R Progetti was born in 1999 as a software house for developing customized applications.

In the years 2000 R Progetti has increased its specialization in the development of synergy between enterprise systems and distributed systems, creating an infrastructure that safely manages sensitive data such as visures cadastral, camerals or other public data.

Thanks to this business expansion, and customers confidence, in 2011 R Progetti transformed into an Srl Company, mantaining the company focus on data integration.

R Progetti is a fixed point for solving customers issues and for future challenges, always catching every problem as an opportunity for growth and improvement.

Our Technology Partnership is affirmed through:

Website development / Website development dedicated for mobile;
Integration / iteration of web data with corporate management;
Software development for managing planning / appointments with customers / periodic deadlines;
Rental of web space with or without supply of machinery in housing or clouding;
On-line SMS services for marketing / information / alert ;
Newsletter services for customer loyalty;
Reports for extracting statistical datas.

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