Success Stories

INFONET: e-commerce for providing business services

Contextualization, integration and display of data from distributed archives.

Integration with various types of applications for data retrieval

Payment by credit card only after the delivery of the service

Management for billing and monitoring the services offered.


Using hypermaps for accessing and viewing data from distributed archives

When online GIS were at the dawn, Paola Rigamonti, one of our owners, has created an interface for referencing “static” maps created by GIS.

Hyper-folders are one of the most current tools for displaying geographic data extracted from archives distributed over the network.

They are also termed hypermedia georeferenced, that is, multimedia documents where different elements are multimedia that do not refer to a geographic entity and are found by their location

The thesis is part of a project curated by the CNIM Institute of Multimedia Information Technology (ITIM) in Milan, with the aim of creating an information system for the organization of macrosismic data files and their access from the World Wide Web, for displaying and contextualizing data for an overview of all other relevant data for the same purpose.

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