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SMS from the web is becoming the best form of marketing communication, does not require the help of staff for their distribution, does not takes working hours for paging and can be sent with a few clicks.

SMSs are very powerful and effective marketing tools for direct and immediate communication with customers and potential customers. A multiple SMS shipment allows you to deliver news messages containing news and special offers in the easiest way.
For sending SMS ON LINE R Progetti offers many packages to handle the needs of small businesses, the minimum package is made up of 50 SMS.

To send an SMS just login to our site, authenticate yourself by entering user and password to create and send the SMS to a number in the rubric. At any time, you can consult the Statistics panel to see the SMSs that have been sent.

The SMS-Receive service allows you to receive and catalog SMS directly on your Web site or on a Web page that we provide you.

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